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50 workers, 3 factories, 3000 ㎡ workshop, 11 years experience, three  hour reach Shenzhen port, this is how we keep good quality and very competition for valued customers.

Longmen County Qianhui Printing Co.,Ltd,founded in 2007,after more than 10 years of development, is the Bamboo  Toothpick, Bamboo Stick manufacturing equipment, Toothpick  packaging bags, Cultivation of  Ganoderma Lucidum—Steamed Wood Bags,  Bamboo Incense Core and other products of  professional production and processing companies, the right to  import and export according to law, manufacturers to undertake  foreign trade toothpicks, bamboo export agents.

Its factory - Longcheng Sunrise Bamboo Art Products Packaging Factory, registered trademark "sunrise", the Law to obtain bar  code certification, meets customers' requirements for Bamboo  Toothpick length and Packaging customization, and welcome  new and old customers to make inquiries.

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